Upcoming Opportunities

I invite your participation in these upcoming opportunities:


Labyrinth Tour

A Labyrinth Tour – September 25 – from 1:15 pm – 5:00 pm

What is this? A prayerful walk toward the heart of God. We will travel to three Labyrinths within the west Columbus area.

Where will we meet? We begin at Advent Lutheran Church in Upper Arlington 33660 Kenny Road, Columbus, OH 43220 and car-pool to the labyrinth sites for prayer and pilgrimage. Concluding back at Advent Lutheran Church, completing the tour by walking their Labyrinth.

Cost: $10.00  Registration: Send an email with name and contact information through the contact form at www.livingtstreamsflowingwater.com to register. Registration is limited to the first 25 people.

Questions: Call Brenda at 614.517.8115 or email to brenda@livingstreamsflowingwater.com


Photography and Spirituality

Photography and Spirituality – A Fall Photo Pilgrimage

October 15, 2017 (rain date October 17) from 1:30 pm – 4:00 pm
Where: Highbanks Metro Park, Lewis Center, OH

Join Rev. Dr. Brenda Buckwell of Living Streams Flowing Water and Ron Hoehn of Friendly Creations Photography for an afternoon of photography instruction and spiritual formation.

Participants will have the opportunity to:
• Weave photography, prayer and hiking together.
• Go on a walk and take pictures of items that reveal God’s presence and call to your heart.

Please bring: A digital camera (anything from cell phone to professional camera), Family and Friends

Cost: $35.00 paid with advance registration, $37.00 at the event; Youth Groups of 5 or more for $65.00
Registration: Send an email with name and contact information through the contact form at www.livingtstreamsflowingwater.com. Complete details will be sent to you.

Questions: Call Brenda at 614.517.8115 or email to brenda@livingstreamsflowingwater.com



Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary


The Way of Forgiveness

coming online October 9, 2017 – November 17, 2017
Registration Now Open

How can we become peacemakers in a chaotic world? With contemplation on the Prayer of St. Francis: Lord make me an Instrument of Your Peace and the book The Way of Forgiveness, participants will discern their personal invitation to peacemaking in a nation filled with racism and violence.

From the hit series Companions in Christ, by Upper Room publishers. The Way of Forgiveness is being released online with enhance video and culturally current events. Forgiveness never goes out of date. This opportunity is designed for:

  • Small congregations seeking a short 6-week spiritual formation and bible study experience
  • Large congregations desiring train leaders for in home small group opportunities.
  • Clergy, church leadership and laity dealing with the unsettled current affairs of our nation and world.
  • Individuals can sign up for this class.
  • Small groups can sign up and gather together once weekly to process that teaching material in group and then post individually online in the discussion forums.

Required textbook: Marjorie J. Thompson, 2002, Companions in Christ – the Way of Forgiveness, A Small-group experience in Spiritual Formation Participants’ Book, (Upper Room Books: Nashville), IBS #0-8358-0980-3


Living Streams Flowing Water is providing instruction for this event in partnership with Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary and Upper Room Books.


The Heartbeat of Leadership

Do you want to move your leadership from relevance to prayer? Increasing personal and professional leadership.

A Webinar – Two days only*
October 19 & 26, 2017
Time: 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm CT
*(all sessions will be recorded if you are unable to attend the complete webinar)
Cost: $50.00
There are two side of leadership: (1) professional leadership which includes the “hard” skills and abilities of tasks, management and technical abilities and (2) personal leadership known as the “soft” skills of leadership. These unseen attributes, motivations, life skills have profound influence upon professional leadership.

Professional Leadership can only go as far as personal leadership allows.

By expanding Peter Koestenbaum’s Diamond Leadership model in book Inner Side of Greatness, together we will integrate spiritual direction techniques of storytelling and holy listening for a narrative empowerment personal leadership. Between class meetings you will have the opportunity to discover your shape of leadership through an online assessment that will generate the second week conversation to shape your skills for soulful expansion of personal leadership. Ultimately participants will explore leadership as story and discover the heartbeat of personal leadership and power for the potential to exceed current your leadership level.


Living Streams Flowing Water is providing instruction for this event in partnership with UMC CyberCampus.



Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary

Desert Spirituality II – Going Deeper

The Seeker and The Saint

Six-Week Online Course  |  April 9, 2018 – May 18, 2018

During this six-week class you will have the opportunity to “get to know” some of these ancient sages of Christian wisdom; hear their stories of God’s miraculous presence in life and contemplate their wisdom sayings.  Each week you will experience a prayer practice from St. Benedict’s tradition of Desert Wisdom.


Living Streams Flowing Water is providing instruction for this event in partnership with Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary.


Water Heart

Faith Forming Conversations
Spiritual Direction and Leadership Coaching

Professional Leadership is only as strong as personal core leadership.

Increase excellence and expand awareness of God in our ever-changing world and personal relationships through coaching and spiritual direction. Brenda provides spiritual direction and coaching through video conferencing, on the phone and in person. Don’t let geography inhibit your next steps into the dance of God’s unfolding possibilities.

Please use the contact form to schedule your first free conversation.



Advance Notice for Classes | Complete Information Coming Soon


Center Quest Lifelong Learning Community

Contemplative Prayer 2: A Way of Listening

March 26, 2018 – April 21, 2018


Habits of the Heart

Fall 2018


UMC Certified Lay Ministry Training

The Art of Mediation

March 17, 2018




Summer 2016 Fall 2016 Winter 2017 Spring 2017

Seasonal Sabbath Retreat Days
This year’s Seasonal Sabbath Retreat Days follow the theme of calendar seasons. Each season, Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring brings unique insights and invitations for the spiritual journey. Even in climates where there is very little seasonal change in temperature, the trained eye can notice little nuances suggesting the slightest interior movement of God’s divine creating. Each season you are invited explore the interior landscape of your heart while experiencing the beauty and joy of the season through a photo pilgrimage prayer walk. In addition to the photo pilgrimage, each Seasonal Sabbath Retreat will have three additional guided prayer practices.

Registration Now Open
Click here for more details and registration information


Online self-guided retreats provide participants with framework for personal prayerful reflection, Examen and silence. Participants work at your own pace in the comfort of your own home or work space. After completion of registration the materials come directly to your “inbox”. Seasonal self-guided retreat opportunities are available individually (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall) or at a discounted rate when all four seasonal retreats are purchased with your first initial registration.


Supply Preaching



Brenda is available for Supply Preaching when her schedule permits.  For an example of Brenda’s preaching, click here for a recent sermon video.

If you would like to invite Brenda to preach for your congregation, please use the online contact form.  Click here.

Supply Preaching David Lutheran Church

Our church had a time period of 2 ½ months between Pastors. Over that time period Pastor Brenda preached at David Lutheran on 4 weekends (three services each weekend) and also for Ash Wednesday. Our members received her sermons very well. She engages the congregation in her sermons and uses personal stories to give her sermons a more personal touch. Pastor Brenda always ends her sermons asking reflective questions to our members and encouraging them to think about how the scripture lessons are reflected in how we live our lives. While she is an ordained Methodist Minister, she was very thoughtful and cautious about following the Lutheran traditions. She was very gracious to our members and easily engaged in conversation with them. It was a pleasure having her for our supply pastor!