Short practical application training is vital in transforming the ethos of culture. If one desires to learn how to diffuse conflict, then practical experience is necessary in mediation techniques. If one desires training in prayer, more than informational content is necessary. Prayer is a formational experience of allowing the heart of God’s presence to soak into the recesses of our spirit.

Training brings new tools, experience and practice for participants to increase skills and abilities. Best practices in training use both information and formation to lead, exceed and succeed while noticing the living Christ in all situations and persons.

Trainings offered by Living Streams Flowing Water are:

  • The Art of Mediation
  • Spiritual Gifts
  • Serving Beside those on the Margins
  • Help! Integrating Spiritual Formation into the Congregation
  • Small group and Retreat Leadership Training
  • Story Telling and Holy Listening
  • Desert Spirituality: Wisdom from the Ammas and Abbas
  • Leadership and Staff Visioning and Formation

For you and your organization increased skills and abilities bring greater productivity, deepen transformational leadership and have the potential to knit hearts and mission together unleashing possibility for expansion of God’s Kingdom coming upon earth.


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Jeff & Dan Boston University


Thanks again for the terrific webinar! (The Heartbeat of Leadership) It was an absolute pleasure working with you.

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