Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction

Photo credit: Spiritual Directors International. www.sdiworld.org.


What a scene! Imagine sitting beside the ocean, gazing at the immense expanse of water while seeking communion with the Divine. Can you hear the lively wild water and the rhythmic sounds of the oceans waves?

Why three chairs? These chairs represent the presence of God leading the conversation of spiritual direction – a conversation between spiritual director and directee. A directee is one coming for spiritual direction, seeking spiritual companionship and guidance. One chair depicts the spiritual director, another the directee and the third chair remains empty portraying God’s constant presence within human conversation. The active listening technique of three-way-listening is used during spiritual direction. As each person listens to the other and both persons listen for the quickening of God’s gentle nudges, the spiritual direction session unfolds and God’s creative, sustaining, life-giving energy is revealed.

Spiritual direction assists in birthing new awareness of God presence within the directee’s life. As attention is turned to God, the Holy Spirit lavishes interior heart shaping love upon the directee forming his/her life from the inside soul to outward thoughts and actions. This God formation of heart empowers one to live the most authentic uniquely God-shaped life, originally created within us since our birthing as one created in God’s image. (Genesis 1)

What value is this to you? With an ever deepening awareness of God and articulation of God’s presence in the world, (within community and individual life); you become even more empowered as God’s peacemaker. As you become a non-anxious presence in relationship with others, self and God – God is worshipped; lives are transformed. Living Streams Flowing Water offers individual and group spiritual direction online via free conference calling, virtually “face to face” with Zoom.us or Skype and on site in the Columbus, Ohio area and at retreat locations.

Peggy Sham, MA, MDiv, LPC, LCDC UMC Ministry Candidate
I was blessed to have Brenda as my internship mentor, during my preparation for specialized ministry. She is an excellent supervisor in worship arts and ministry beside persons struggling with addictions and poverty. During my year as her mentee, I also received much more. Brenda provided spiritual direction that changed my whole approach to life. She taught me ways to wait patiently for the Divine whisper, which continues to enrich my relationship with God. The practices I embraced while working with Brenda quench the deep desire of my soul, even in this demanding ministry. Brenda’s spiritual direction and coaching are also multiplied as I share what I learned with young substance abusers in my counseling work.
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