Brenda is a gifted and experienced preacher and worship leader. In addition to her ministries of teaching, spiritual direction, coaching, training, retreat leadership, and consultation, Brenda is called to the pulpit. She is open to invitations for Sunday morning guest preaching or supply preaching as well as preaching at other events and occasions.  Brenda loves Scripture and is passionate for sharing God’s grace-filled Word through preaching.  She fills the pulpit with faithfulness, insight, wisdom, and real-life application to the listener’s life and spirituality.


Guest Preaching

Brenda is available to join your Sunday morning worship service(s) as a guest preacher.  She is also available for preaching at other occasions such as special events, retreats, chapel services, etc.  Brenda brings her wisdom, sensitive spirituality, and bold proclamation to the pulpit as she interprets God’s Word for the gathered community.

For an example of Brenda’s preaching, click here for a recent sermon video.

If you would like to invite Brenda as a guest preacher, please use the online contact form.  Click here.


Supply Preaching

If your congregation is without a pastor or your regular preacher is away for study or vacation, Brenda is available for Supply Preaching when her schedule permits.

For an example of Brenda’s preaching, click here for a recent sermon video.

If you would like to invite Brenda to preach for your congregation, please use the online contact form.  Click here.



Sandi Anderson All Shepherds Lutheran Church

I was thrilled that you were able to lead our services again today at All Shepherds Lutheran Church! I and my church family are drawn to the warmth and grace that you exude, as well as your obvious passion for engaging people in sharing the love of our Living God. Your messages are mesmerizing and I, personally, always feel that I have quite literally received a tangible gift from your words. A gift that nurtures me and provides me thought, guidance and encouragement in the weeks after the service. I am aware that there is a line of propriety between pastors and their congregations, but I love that you speak with us as a peer who truly identifies and empathizes with our thoughts, words and actions. Regardless of our challenges and struggles, you always leave us with a strong bridge of hope. I appreciate your great sense of humor in regard to those zany moments that we all experience.

I found today’s message, “Under Construction,” particularly inspirational. Your emphasis on choices, and how they shape us within to become all that we are meant to be, was a joy to hear! I envisioned for myself a sign with the words, “stop, look and listen,” for consideration before limiting options that could facilitate my growth in positive and purposeful behavior. The by-line on your card, “Unleashing Possibility,” seems to be a succinct description of this process!!

Thank you so much for all that you have shared; I look forward to seeing you again. Enjoy your week with a happy heart. Abundant blessings to you and your family!

Supply Preaching David Lutheran Church

Our church had a time period of 2½ months between Pastors. Over that time period Pastor Brenda preached at David Lutheran on 4 weekends (three services each weekend) and also for Ash Wednesday. Our members received her sermons very well. She engages the congregation in her sermons and uses personal stories to give her sermons a more personal touch. Pastor Brenda always ends her sermons asking reflective questions to our members and encouraging them to think about how the scripture lessons are reflected in how we live our lives. While she is an ordained Methodist Minister, she was very thoughtful and cautious about following the Lutheran traditions. She was very gracious to our members and easily engaged in conversation with them. It was a pleasure having her for our supply pastor!

Chaplain David Ohio Northern University

Dear Brenda,

Thank you so much for preaching in chapel! Your message was spot on for the series! I look forward to future collaboration!

Blessings, David.