Finding a New Pace for Life


Traveling at “Warp Speed” individual life and communities are overloaded, bursting with expectation of performance. Downsizing, restructuring, seeking greater return and productivity; has left folks working multiple roles at the work site and on the home front. Parents, grandparents, and care givers balance career, family and bills which create a condition I read about in a John Ortberg book that has stuck with me. That condition named as “hurried sickness”. With everything marked “urgent,” “necessary,” “imperative,” “priority,” literally this fast pace of life is choking the human spirit. [Read More]

Blaisé Pascal, a 15th century French mathematician and philosopher stated: “There is a God shaped emptiness within us that only God can fill.”

We are people created in the image of God, which means this God shaped emptiness within us yearns to be filled with Divine presence so that we can live expressing outwardly to the best of our ability, God’s best attributes in all of our relationships. Yet alas, how often we have sought to quench our thirsting soul with obligations, commitments to one event after the other, held fast to over work patterns seeking satisfaction and self esteem; or maybe when we thirst and hunger for something… We open the refrigerator and consume beyond our need.

+ Have we learned to settle for minimal hope as dreams are dashed and we accept this broken hearted chaotic state of life as usual?
+ Has routine of life clouded our vision?
+ Do you seek a time apart for refreshment of body, mind and spirit?

If so, then come on in. Explore this site and discover a new ways to find balance and harmony in life to quench the thirsting of your hurried soul. Through the ministries of Living Streams Flowing Water, you, your community and friends can enter anew the passion, presence, prayer and extreme possibilities God yearns to lavish upon God’s people.


Brenda, The pace of this [Lenten Retreat class in partnership with UMC Cyber Campus] has been balm for me; no online conversations to keep up with truly make it feel like a retreat and two prayer reflections that I can spend the whole week with seem nourishing, not frantic. I really enjoyed the first online session, seeing faces, and being guided and am so grateful for the video of the second.