Excellence through Spiritual Formation


Since we are created in the image of God with a God shaped emptiness within us that only God can fill (Blaisé Pascal) and affirming that a communicative relationship with God through prayer shapes our hearts divinely into the virtues and characteristics of God; then how does quenching the thirsting of our soul increase excellence for personal and professional leadership? [read more]

According to author, Peter Koestenbaum, in this book Leadership: The Inner Side of Greatness, a philosophy for leaders, there are two sides to leadership. One is personal and the other strategic or professional. The strategic side of leadership involves skills and abilities which can be taught and mastered including but not limited to communication skills, development and organizational structural roles, management, assessment, mergers and acquisitions. This is professional and political acumen for the workplace.

The personal side of leadership “concerns motivation, character, maturity, will power, freedom, meaning, creativity, ethics and values, culture, responsibility and accountability, …” (page 8) The strategic or professional side of leadership can only grow as far as the personal side of leader is able to expand. To increase excellence in leadership, beyond learning the “correct” skills for leading, one must also intentionally seek to expand interior awareness on the personal side of leadership.

Expansion of the personal side of leadership is a process of heart and soul formation which supports and shapes our external leadership abilities. This is the process of spiritual formation. As you seek intentional growth and maturity of heart and soul, the Heart of the Matter, there is a gentling of presentation of self to the world which doesn’t just explode with emotional response or fade into an invisible background diminishing one’s own perceived capability. A third way is found which enhances both personal and professional life and leadership.

This third way of responding and living in the world, which is neither flight nor fight, brings about transformational change within individuals creating heart leadership. Heart leadership has both acumen in interior awareness and spiritual growth as well as increased skills and abilities on a solid life foundation for greater excellence in workplace and family life leadership. It is this spiral of ever deepening and maturing possibility and abilities of faith formation in personhood and strategic leadership which is excellence through spiritual formation

What intentional strategic step will you make this day to find your third way of living in the world?

The six ministry offerings of Living Streams Flowing Water encircle the full spectrum of maximizing excellence and unleashing amazing possibilities for life and leadership (both personal and professional). Through spiritual direction, coaching, online and onsite educational and retreat opportunities you can quench the thirsting of your soul for deepened relationship with God while exceeding your current level of leadership and move to the next level of excellence within personal and professional arenas of your life.