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 Ashland Theological Seminary


Spiritual Formation Core (2): Prayer

SPF 5542 (Prayer)
Online Course | 2 Credit Hours

This course introduces students to the varieties of prayer in the Christian tradition. It focuses on the role of prayer in the formation of believers in the image of Christ for the sake of the church and the world. Students will practice a variety of individual and corporate prayer forms for personal and ministry formation. Students have the option of taking this course for a grade or as pass/fail. Students must make this determination at the beginning of the course and may not change after the course has begun.

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Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary

The Way of Forgiveness

coming online October 9, 2017 – November 17, 2017

From the hit series Companions in Christ, by Upper Room publishers. The Way of Forgive is being released online with enhance video and culturally current events. Forgiveness never goes out of date. This opportunity is designed for:

• Small congregations seeking a short 6-week spiritual formation and bible study experience
• Large congregations desiring train leaders for in home small group opportunities.
• Clergy, church leadership and laity dealing with the unsettled current affairs of our nation and world.
• Individuals can sign up for this class.
• Small groups can sign up and gather together once weekly to process that teaching material in group and then post individually online in the discussion forums.

Required textbook: Marjorie J. Thompson, 2002, Companions in Christ – the Way of Forgiveness, A Small-group experience in Spiritual Formation Participants’ Book, (Upper Room Books: Nashville), IBS #0-8358-0980-3


Living Streams Flowing Water is providing instruction for this event in partnership with Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary and Upper Room Books.

Water Heart

Spiritual Direction and Leadership Coaching

Do you find yourself in transition? Are you restless and not sure why? Is your heart breaking for the world this day?

Spiritual direction is a simple one on one conversation listening for the interior nudges and gentle whispers of God. Brenda provides spiritual direction through video conferencing, on the phone and in person. Don’t let geography inhibit your first steps into the dance of God’s grace.

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Leadership Training

Do you and your organization seek to build ministry upon God’s desires? Would you like to experience a foundation of spiritual formation for in all aspects of your ministry? Brenda will come and consult with your organization weaving together spiritual direction and coaching to create a solid foundation of spiritual formation and discernment for all aspects of your work from administration and marketing through faith formation and enrichment.

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Finding a New Pace for Life


Traveling at “Warp Speed” individual life and communities are overloaded, bursting with expectation of performance. Downsizing, restructuring, seeking greater return and productivity; has left folks working multiple roles at the work site and on the home front. Parents, grandparents, and care givers balance career, family and bills which create a condition I read about in a John Ortberg book that has stuck with me. That condition named as “hurried sickness”. With everything marked “urgent,” “necessary,” “imperative,” “priority,” literally this fast pace of life is choking the human spirit. [Read More]

The Heart of the Matter

Water Heart

Ican picture the scene within my mind’s eye. “The 12”, disciples that is, gathered around for casual conversation with Jesus. So at least it looked to the unsuspecting eye, that this was an unplanned casual conversation. But I wonder: Did “The 12” have a plan? Had they already decided after following Jesus so closely over the past years, what they truly desired to ask of Jesus? Or was it a spur of the moment idea inspired by the Holy Spirit? Either way the request was powerful. [read more]

Excellence through Spiritual Formation


Since we are created in the image of God with a God shaped emptiness within us that only God can fill (Blaisé Pascal) and affirming that a communicative relationship with God through prayer shapes our hearts divinely into the virtues and characteristics of God; then how does quenching the thirsting of our soul increase excellence for personal and professional leadership? [read more]

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